Partnership is a big platform with professionality and openness and globalization. We are professional due to our 10 years gaming business experience. It is convenient on our website to display products and collect information. Openness is because we can meet needs of different groups of people. And globalization is because we can support different languages at our service.


If you are a MMO player, we can cooperate in the following aspects:

1.If you have secret ways to make much game currency or many items, you can contact us and get paid commissions from us.

2.If you gave up a game and switched to play another game, you can sell the game account which you are not interested in at all to us, or change that to the products you like instead.

3.If you have valuable items in your game account, you can sell them through our website.

4.If you can recommend a good way to promote our website or game products, we will pay you commission.


If you want to be a virtual goods merchant as second party, we can cooperate in the following aspects:

1.If you have your own original promotional ways, we could offer you one website of us to let you advertise. And you charge the promotion cost. All the orders from this site, the half of gross profit of them will be split with you. We provide online customer service and the site running cost. Site Promotion Ways include: SEO(search engine optimization), spamming in game, advertise on some big platforms or social media like Google, bing, yahoo, facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

2.Our website has the advertise photo space, you can buy the advertisement space from us to display your advertising.

3.If you would like to create a branch site same as ours in your country, we can provide you a language template, you just need to edit it and promote. The gross of profit will split a half with you.

4.We can help you provide 24/7 online customer service.

5.We can provide the service to receive payment for you as agent.


If you are the operators who are running a MMO game or forum, We can cooperate in the following aspects:

1.You can advertise through our website.

2.You can display any products and sell through our website.

 Contact Us Details:

Discord ID: nba2king (Unique ID: 1032178331384287303)

Email: [email protected]

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