2K in actuality thinks the accomplished 2k community

I accept been adage this bits for the longest breh. How the fuck your my amateur can get to 99 all-embracing if so abundant of your aspect is capped about 60's, 70's, 75s, etc etc?

I beggarly attending at Jordan 99 or LeBron 98, Kobe 98 etc etc and afresh see your max my amateur aspect caps. Of advance you will see a 99 appraisement appearance up by your my amateur this year, but it'll be a affected number.

Stats will not match. Complete 99 would accept been if you could bullwork and bullwork and in actuality get any or all your stats to 98 or 99 by breaking the cap. No you can't. You can't go added than that white line.

Even if your my amateur get to 99 rating, your all-embracing stats will consistently be lower than the added superstar NBA players.

2k in actuality thinks the accomplished 2k association is arrears kids who will get absorbed seeing you can get to 99 and accumulate affairs vc and grind.

In actuality just a anniversary ago I fabricated a amateur in CAPs and put all his attributes at 80, gave him the appropriate position for his height.

Yup and Bifold Classic arrangement is awry and babble too. It basically makes you aloft boilerplate at both instead of accepting a specialist at both like added superstar players.

That's why if humans heard about bifold classic at first, they got excited, i will not lie, i was blessed too.

But boy was i wrong, aggregate about 2k this year My Career astute is a betray and complete BS. I wouldn't even play this bold no added if there was a bigger basketball bold out there, but acutely there isn't. 2k knows this as well, those cunts.

Yea breadth Lebron leaves Cavs to become an bearding chargeless abettor and Kevin Durant gets active for a BILLION $ arrangement and sev players accepting active for $0 contracts.

If this has in actuality happened to you I'm sorry, but I've played three or four altered my leagues this year and none of that has happened. LeBron usually leaves the Cavs, but f you pay absorption to the NBA, he's apparently gone afterwards this season.

There's still a bacon cap in the bold so any billion dollar arrangement is a bug that's already been fixed. I've never credible annihilation you're talking about, and abreast from the billion dollar arrangement annihilate (which 2k addressed), I haven't seen anyone abroad accusatory about that stuff.

That leads me to accept that you're authoritative bits up to get affronted about, which is just dumb. If you could point me to some affidavit of the accepting you're accusatory about of NBA 2K18 MT, I'll eat my words, but for now you're a liar.


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