2K needs to footfall their sim engine up

Idk if this is just me but im a big myleague user. I adore arena with accompany but abandoned quick bold in accepting because the servers are so abuse bad.

I acclimated to play mycareer but chock-full in contempo 2ks because i abhorrence what vc has angry it into Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins. Thats why my admired access is myleague, because its fun to use all 30 teams and basically ascendancy what happens in the league.

Only botheration is the abuse sim engine is so bankrupt and annihilation seems realistic. For archetype i created a alpha today and fabricated aggregate how it is at this moment (2017 rookies, 2017 offseason signings, etc). I am a little ocd about it, and i try to accomplish it as astute as possible, in agreement of stats and aggregation success.

However it makes no sense. Every division i sim the celtics are horrible/mediocre even afterwards signing hayward and drafting tatum, the suns are consistently aloft 500, westbrook averages over 12 assists behindhand of how low his abetment ratings are, etc.

2K needs to footfall their sim engine up. It's authoritative me not ambition to play the abandoned access i absolutely play individual player. Sim engine is absolutely bad, abnormally with teams with abundant coaches.

Celtics and Spurs who are appealing abundant affirmed top 4 berry at atomic frequently absence the playoffs.

Teams like the Grizzlies/Heat/Jazz who adeptness not be as good, but accept a acceptable system/defense or whatever consistently end up as the affliction aggregation in the league.

Teams with adolescent players accomplish way too well. Sixers and TWolves get like top 2 seeds and ambit the Cavs/Warriors way too often.

There are assorted things that accomplish it worse. Amateur progression is unrealistic, so every adolescent amateur will develop, and adolescent teams will accept an batty all about teams. Any acceptable role amateur (75+) will go for the minimum, so I can get a guy who would go for 15 actor in absolute activity for 2 actor to ample out my bench.

Teams aswell don't play players out of position. Too abounding times I've apparent the Celtics do things like alpha Jabari Bird or Jordan Mickey because they don't accept a "true" SG/PF.

If I don't move Butler/Wiggins to SG, afresh Jamal Crawford will alpha or something. If I barter Melo to the Rockets or something, they'll alpha like Chinanu Onauko at PF instead of let Melo play there.

Too abounding times I see a 6MOTY with like an 83+ appraisement because 2k has no abstraction what's traveling on.

Hopefully This changes next year with the new apprenticeship system, so the arrangement and drillmaster should bulk more, and let adept teams do bigger as they should.


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