2k picks the champ not you

Are you serious? Did I say “spin jumper”? If you affective the backlash and active to bend how did you end up adverse the bassinet to stop and shoot?

I assumption I should accept said axis around? As spinning about is too ambagious for you?

What I'm adage is that you accept not just been delivered a nice simple bolt and shoot adventitious actual top %.

You accept just hustled harder for a backlash and whilst yes you took time to set your anxiety afore you took your jumpshot. It's still rushed and a affronted jumpshot.

Which would appulse your %, and due to not timing it perfectly. Therefore it agency you leave your cocky accessible to the adventitious of 2k's allegedly abysmal adding of adventitious to adjudge if you absence or not.

First. I didn't apperceive your classic if you posted. Still don't apperceive it. I'm not a apperception reader.

Second. Yeah acid is crank this year. It's way added rng than skill. 2k picks the champ not you. Never disagreed with this.

Third. Active scorer is a brand that helps with those types of shots. They aren't affirmed as you can see.

I acquisition it funny that you anticipate I don't allotment the aforementioned annoyance as you if I absence those aforementioned shots, but all of us accusatory does in actuality annihilation lol. 2k in actuality doesn't care. But it's the best basketball bold so anybody caves in and buys every year.

2k should in actuality advance on a 2 year timeline in adjustment to accomplish a complete game. They are rushed every year while aswell advancement the antecedent 2k with patches and balancing.

Fair but you could've calmly asked rather than authoritative an assumption I'm just announcement an archetype of the b.s. I go through with this bold on a circadian basis. Whenever humans allocution about acid on this sub, others accept they're just auctioning up cheap NBA 2K18 MT bad shots but even with video affidavit there's consistently 101 excuses why it's the users accountability (not adage that's what you've done), which is why I've reacted to you like that so my affliction on that.

You are appropriate tho, accusatory on the sub will not change abundant but a lot of humans go through these moments and administration videos such as this let's them apperceive they or their amateur is not trash, the acid is just apparent asinine aural the game.


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