2K players acquire been accusatory about MTX

Generally, I don't anguish about afterlife points and NBA 2K18 MT, but I do wonder: why don't users on this sub upvote added frequently?

"What's the point?" you adeptness ask.

Well, added upvotes advance to added afterimage and activity. I can't acquaint you how generally I'll see a cilia that has bags of bend but beneath 20 upvotes.

"Why do we ambition added activity?"

More activity agency our sub will be added arresting in searches or even acquire accoutrement occasionally pop up on /r/All. We ambition the sub to abound so /r/NBA2K seems added legit.

"But why?"

Star Wars BF2 showed us that a bigger association with added acknowledging players can accomplish a change appear to a babble business archetypal complete quickly. 2K players acquire been accusatory about MTX aback it aboriginal became a thing, but every year we just allocution about it added and do annihilation to change it.

"But I spent $50 on microtransactions already. What now?"

Idk, man. I don't apperceive everything. Just stop affairs VC now.

The capital uproar with Star Wars is that you would buy boodle crates that had randomish items in them; it would be like if you bought VC and the VC could alone be spent on a specific attribute.

Thankfully that is not the case so humans in 2k18 are agreeable with spending money on VC aback they apperceive it is giving them in fact what they want.

I mean, a lot of 2k's microtransaction sales appear from MyTeam users who buy packs which are random, so you in fact could buy $200 annual of VC and still not cull the agenda you want, so it's affectionate of the aforementioned thing.

Because a lot of humans almanac their tv's with their phones instead of demography 5 annual to abduction and upload.

It would be easier on xbox if they accustomed us to upload clips but that's still broken, now we gotta, Save a clip>upload to onedrive> download said clip>then we can upload. which is a pain. And afresh it doesn't acquire complete because of copyright.


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