2k18 has awash something

I like the abstraction of caps, just ambition they weren't so restrictive. I'm a mycareer abandoned amateur but I don't ambition to acquire the adeptness to just acquire a 99 in everything. Feels about like cheating. Would accomplish it boring.

Actually I'm cerebration the opposite. Accepting able to do added things makes it added fun. Currently there're abandoned 1~2 reliable agency for me to account due to the caps, so I run agnate plays every alone possession, it gets arid faster.

Then don't accomplish aggregate 99. Christ. Why does anybody abroad acquire to be restricted? I just don't like how guys like KD abide that can shoot, distill and douse but I can't.

Man Idk what it is about Chris smoove but the way he puts thoughts into words is so smoove, like the accepting he says just makes sense.

Only affair is, if you wanna acquire a dude that's 99 aggregate and you can adapt whatever you wwnt, why not accomplish a myleague? Seems like it's save humans a lot of trouble.

Because you can't browse your face or add tattoos to a create-a-player in MyLeague. For those of us who ambition as abundant captivation as possible- that can be a accord breaker.

I like Chris's bluntness and accede with what he says, but maybe he just doesn't like the game?

I beggarly it's not a abstruse that 2k has a acceptable basketball bold on their hands, it just seems like they don't affliction about a counterbalanced game. Like they would rather animate the cheese hotspot and brand cutting on pro, or the 7' 3" airy gods. The way they acutely abstain bisected of the community. Idk I adulation this bold so far, but taketwo is...

I anticipate it's because he's disappointed. He wants to like the game, but like a lot of of us gets balked with a lot of the impaired things 2k does. He makes a lot of acceptable credibility in this video that I anticipate would beforehand the bold if 2k fabricated these changes.

If 2K had a academician they would appoint this guy. Their academician is active counting all the money from vc sales.

This dude isn't adage annihilation ground-breaking, all of us, including 2k, apperceive wtf is amiss with the game.

Here's the affair though, yield 2 banal is accomplishing abundant and 2k18 has awash something like 9-10 actor copies (I'm accepting conservative, don't feel like actuality checking), so as far as the accumulated overlords and bean counters are concerned, everything is traveling great.

In actuality I wouldn't be afraid if they let some programmers go to accomplish the bold even cheaper next year. It's appealing accessible that QA wasn't even complex with this release. This will abide until we the consumers assuredly acquire had enough and stop buying.

If I accomplish a shitty artefact and 9-10 actor humans still buy it no bulk how shitty the product, I'm not fucking convalescent shit, I'll yield u for all the $ ur brainless abundant to absorb on it and NBA 2K18 MT Coins beam all the way to the bank.


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