2K18 has no such thing

Layups were never timed before. That's the problem. Do humans not apperceive or accept this? The non-meter adaptation of timed layups was accomplished but 2k bits on that NBA 2K18 MT & implemented this system.

2k has royally fucked layup timing this year. It's camp & capricious for authoritative a array of shots inside. Yet, we can't see the fucking exhausted to accept acknowledgment on how late/early/spot on we are. We're cutting blind.

And the added antic allotment is how abominable the layup timing seems to be. The exhausted will about pop up already every 50 or so layups I advance and if it does, the exhausted is berserk too fast and capricious for what the advance feels it should by itself be.

"Oh it's a account banausic banausic blah" replies incoming. In actuality irrelevant. If there is a "bonus" for altogether timed layups that bureau that authentic timing will accord you a college likelihood of authoritative the layups.

Which is the absolute fucking point. So accord us layup exhausted feedback. Cheep devs & association managers, cheep 2k accounts.

There was abundant clamor to get carbon #'s appear if advance players but this association is so blah and ailing splintered that no added absolute changes are accepting campaigned for.

Even mindlessly simple ones like abacus a layup meter. Even if you don't anticipate it's as massive a accord as it in actuality is, it's above asinine to adumbrate it in-game.

They could've calmly fabricated it an advantage to awning layup meters.

What humans overlook to acknowledgment is that 17 had a abiding meter, so you consistently had a beheld of how to absolution a shot. 2K18 has no such thing, so absolution layups altogether is abundant added difficult, abnormally if that exhausted ancestor up out of nowhere.

Seems they've taken several accomplish backwards on this one and I'm not in actuality abiding why.

As for "layups are just a bonus" let me get my account afresh lol or at atomic accord me acknowledgment so I can plan on the release.


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