​2K20 Mock MyCareer Story

Let's be absolute here. The storylines for MyCareer are questionable, unrealistic, and in my assessment boring. I haven't absolutely cared abundant to watch the cutscenes the endure 2 years because the belief were so ass of NBA 2K MT Coins. Let's attending aback at the endure few years and see what they had to offer.

- 2k15: Your amateur went undrafted, approved out for teams on baby contracts, again eventually would go on to become the best amateur ever…AS IF THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN.

- 2k16: Run through top school, college, and your amateur division as you avert Victor Van Lier (RIP) as you starred as Frequency Vibrations (IM FREQIN AND VIBIN).

- 2k17: Go through your career alongside Justice Young (Michael B. Jordan) as The President of Basketball (Pres). Pretty basic, but kinda air-conditioned that you had a activating duo.

- 2k18: Idk who anticipation THIS was a acceptable idea. A above basketball brilliant angry DJ wants to accord it addition shot? Im apologetic but how abounding 7'3 humans are on the turntables? Dumb.

- 2k19: You go to China to body a name for yourself (not bad, aboriginal at least) again you go to the G-League again the NBA for ONE GAME area you bead 50+ credibility but aren't active to the aggregation for the playoffs? Terrible accommodation authoritative here it should accept just backward in China the accomplished time.

Honestly the alone year I admired the adventure was 2k17. Every added year was bad, boring,  and kinda pissed me off because it didn't accomplish any sense. With this in mind, I absitively to accomplish my own apish storyline for 2k20.

Instead of absorption on everything abroad (a girlfriend, fireworks drama, a fucking music career) I absitively to accumulate it carefully on the hardwood. This is aswell an absolute CAREER play through , not just a amateur division thing. Let me apperceive what you anticipate in the comments!

2k20 follows Junior (an in fact appropriate appellation instead of the debris we accept been accustomed in the past) aggravating to pave his own legacy. After getting built-in to a Hall of Fame dad, alleged The Wave, you attempt to acquisition your own path.

Unfortunately your dad has to accept a appellation as able-bodied because you are arena as his son and are a Jr. He is alleged the beachcomber partly because we went to Alabama and partly because of signatures bouncing hair.

You alpha out at the NBA Combine. You do do drills, yield shots, run sprints, and it ends with a abounding bold of 5 on 5 with the 2019 Rookies. After the game, you are approached by a GM for an interview. Actuality you aces you amateur classic and all that acceptable stuff. They will aswell ask you a agglomeration of questions about your dad and your own career aspirations which, forth with your achievement in the drills and the game, decides area you will get drafted.

On abstract night, you get a anamnesis to your dad's name getting alleged out Number 1 overall. This is the accomplished base of the CAREER. You accept flashbacks to the abundant moments your dad had and you accept to try and accomplish your own bequest in the

NBA and be your own player. These will be alleged Anamnesis moments. As you ability assertive credibility in the CAREER, you will get in bold goals agnate to the commencement this year.

For example, your dad alone 16 credibility in his debut, so you accept to account at atomic 16 for a VC bonus. As you get to assertive or notable games/events, you get goals. Completing these goals earns you VC and you are one footfall afterpiece to the Hall of Fame.

Besides just bold goals, acceptable awards in assertive seasons (just like your dad) aswell completes these goals but awards you with a bigger VC Bonus. Win ROY? 5000 VC. Win All-Star bold MVP your 2nd year in the league? 2500 VC. Since the story ends if you retire, you either actualize your own bequest or don't. If you accomplish the HoF, you fabricated your legacy. If you didn't able-bodied again you will consistently reside in your dad's shadow. A binding ambition to accomplish the HoF is to complete 50 Flashback moments.

Once you get drafted, it is just a accustomed season. You get sponsorships, play games, go to practice, and everything. Every few amateur you accept the Countdown guys allocution about your advance so far. Anybody will consistently try and analyze you to The Wave, but you accept to action them off and be your own abundant player. Agnate to NBA Reside with First take, I anticipate that the adventure should be apprenticed by the NBA Countdown guys instead of cutscenes. 

They would allocution about your career as it unfolds and analyze you to The Beachcomber at this point in his own career.

What do y'all think? It is a adventure but you play the adventure as you go through your career. It isn't a 3 hour adventure afore your career, but something that you will accept to action your absolute career.


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