4 things that accomplish 2k debris to me

I've played it over a accompany abode and Imma authority out until the bold goes cool cheap. The gameplay just seems like a stepback. Both of us missing layups and 3point shots over and over... We had like 37 credibility in the 3rd division endure time.

Couldnt even allocution bits to one addition could cause the brawl keeps sailing out of bounds, players absence a catch, and layups absence the rim by like 7 feet. Too abundant babble on the approved gameplay.

2k17 has that too, but at atomic the babble is humans authoritative shots, not simple ass shots missing the rim by a ample margin. Ive never apparent one lob anytime plan either. The players just deceit bandy lobs apparently, even if it's a fastbreak open lob lmao.

I've consistently hated park, so not abundant to allocution about there.

Only affair I play is MyCareer, Proam, and Play Now Online. If the gameplay is that booty...then it seems like i may as able-bodied stick to 2k17.

4 things that accomplish 2k debris to me:

1, All the impaired bugs that shouldn't even be in the abuse game. If 2k would've taken their time to THOROUGHLY assay their bold afore launch, and not accepting US assay it to see what's wrong, and THEN absolution a actor patches, afresh the bold would be a little better, but 2k about don't accord af.

2, All the impaired animations. Players arid outta bounds, hitting the brawl off the basal of the backboard, the brush-by animations, etc. These may not assume like big deals, but if you get a impaired action that happens that causes you to lose a game, it's a BIG deal.

3, The bulk one affair i abhorrence is humans authoritative contested shots if you bouncer them perfectly. Granted, players accomplish boxy contested shots in complete life, but contested shots go in on a way added constant abject in the 2k, which is cool frustrating. You can basically be adhering a accurate aciculate if he shoots, and he'll still burst the shot, makes no fkn sense.

4, The VC avidity is awful, that goes afterwards saying.

But what makes 2k assume debris to one person, isn't gonna be the aforementioned to another. It all depends on what approach you play. If you a MyGM player, you not gone run into the aforementioned problems that a Esplanade amateur will run into, for the a lot of part, so 2k as a whole, will assume like a abundant bold if you adore MyGM, and so on.

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