Avoid these players in 2K

If your like me and you get on to play a accustomed cheese chargeless bold and acquire some fun win or lose. If you see these signs don't get on got next with them and get of the cloister if you see these signs...

A Messed up Face scan

Any laker gear

Any awe-inspiring face accessories (Face acrylic etc.)

Pure sharp.

Shirtless with a lot of bang (These guys can go either way to be honest)

A bandage of 90 added guards and a 60 all-embracing center

Those bruised haversack shirts

Those bruised shirts with a gun holster

Anything that has to do with B.B.B

Anything that has to do with aureate state

Colored facial hair

Weird Colored hair

Grey hair

If you see any of these signs and advance into the bold apperceive that your about to acquaintance top superior cheese for the next 5-15 annual followed by a bulletin cogent you how debris you are. You acquire been warned.

So basically if they play 2k it's cheese based off these descriptors.

I aswell abrasion lakers gear, as I am a diehard laker fan but I anticipate you'd acquisition arena with or adjoin me to be an agreeable experience, I just wanna play some 2k while cutting my beloved teams colours, don't abhorrence me, no cheese, i like to canyon and the alone time I've anytime chewed anybody out NBA 2K18 MT over letters is if they acquire and that's with the absorbed that they don't accumulate traveling about calling humans trash, because kids play the bold and they don't deserve to be fabricated to feel bad just for losing, acceptable to anyone abundant beforehand than them.



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