Be meant to be absent in MyCareer season

Anyone feel like there are amateur that are meant to be absent in MyCareer season? You guys anytime came aloft a bout that, admitting all the accomplishment and capability of your player, some antic bearings happens and you end up losing? Acquaint me your freaking story.

To bang it off, I afresh played adjoin the beasts and was accepting my best bold in the division (Celtics). Had a +10pt animosity in the 4th if OUT OF NOWHERE Zach Lavine starts raping my team's hoop.

He went 12/22 from alfresco and it didn't bulk if he was attentive or not, he denticulate in every try. I jacked up 62 points, 18 rebs and 6 abetment but couldn't do bits to win. Absent 132-128.

The next bold I was up by 2 with 30s larboard on alarm arresting adjoin the pistons if al of a sudden Boban Marjanovic plants a firecracker in his ass on the column and drives central like a brakeless barter posterizing Al Horford's baldheaded arch to tie it.

Irving, afresh accretion to tun the brawl over by actionable the backourt with 5s to go (???). From the entering pass, Bradley sinks a triple.

Before those two losses my aggregation had a 24-2 record. Dunno if the win band had something to do with it.

Up by 20 in the 4th with 2 annual larboard and I got subbed out. In those 2 annual the added aggregation went on a 22-0 run to win the game. I ambition I spectated it to see how tf that happened.

I'm not abiding if it's an affair afterwards application 4 but the adversity was afflicted to Hall of Fame for a lot of humans I know, which does try to accomplish the bold closer.

I apperceive a lot of humans acquire or had it set to Esplanade Online which had altered sliders. Maybe that's the issue.

I feel it happens all the time to me. Was up by 15 arena the Rockets if al of a sudden CP3 goes off 3 afterwards 3 afterwards fucking 3. About-face about threes. Contested threes. Didn't matter, he was scoring. "Ok, fine" I thought, "It is CP3 afterwards all.

He could do that." Afresh Harden got subbed in and alpha traveling off. We absent by 12.

Next bold we play the Grizzlies. Were up by 10 or 11 I think. NO ONE on this aggregation has been accomplishing annihilation except Conley all bold if al of a sudden who starts traveling off aloft the arc? Fucking Tyreke Evans. Affective advance threes. Contested threes. Doesn't matter.

It wouldn't bother me as abundant if I could do the aforementioned seeing as MyPlayer and Tyreke acquire basically the aforementioned appraisement in 3s (76 or 77). But nope, if my guy takes 5 advanced accessible acceptable absolution 3s he's hitting one if that NBA 2K18 MT.

I feel like some amateur 2k just says "Fuck you, you're accident this one" and there's annihilation you can do.


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