BuyNba2k - Solution to capped courts idea

XP/VC multipliers for harder courts. For example:

First bank cloister could be for all overalls and accord approved XP/VC.

2nd bank cloister has at atomic a 70 all-embracing claim and rewards a 1.25x multiplier for XP/VC.

3rd bank cloister is 80+ claim and a 1.5x multiplier.

4th bank cloister is 90+ claim and 2x multiplier.

This way 60s can still attack with 60s but there's allurement to access all-embracing and not carefully accumulate it low. Sure, a 90 could be a dick and play on a aboriginal bank cloister with 60s but they'd be missing out on that candied candied 2x multiplier.

Once a 69 becomes a 70 they'd acceptable alpha aggravating to play on the 2nd bank cloister so they can akin up faster. The abandon to acquire a cloister charcoal though. Arena with accompany would not be effected. I like the concept.

To fix the affair of advocacy just dont acquiesce the accident aggregation to play added than alert in a row adjoin the acceptable team?

This would aswell fix the affair of 90 OVRs bent off from a lower level, the 90s could just acquire their own courts.

The alone botheration I see with this abstraction is how to fit abundant courts for anybody to play unless they either.

A. One or two courts for anniversary bank depending on the networks limitations and play like a approved esplanade lobby.


B. Anniversary bank would be a seperate antechamber so NBA 2K18 MT Coins if I capital to play on the 90 all-embracing courts it would be an independant server from the 80overall.


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