Cover the NBA 2K18 MT dashes

These codes are the 2K rewards. So if you've already becoming the VC/items from watching every 2K adventure again they will appearance up as redeemed. Make abiding you blazon all codes in the aforementioned case and cover the NBA 2K18 MT dashes.

Thanks!! alone two codes didnt worked. If anyone wish to do it fast download clipboard keyboard on android to archetype and paste. I just got like 15k vc from all the codes.

Alright that makes added sense. Idk what the hell I was thinking. Wish they were labeled by adventure so I didn't accept to blazon anniversary one. It's still abundantly appreciated, though.

Some are still alive for me but I'm award a lot of these are adage the cipher has expired. 19/50 of the codes I've entered so far accept asleep and I've alone anytime watched 1 adventure of 2K.

Then announcement it like this is kinda fucked up, humans are traveling to Cheap NBA 2K18 MT absorb 20 min accounting this bits out on their phones and get nothing.


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    good sevice, thanks for your kind service.

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