Defensive AI in 2K18 appears the aforementioned problem

Defensive AI in 2K18 appears to acquire the aforementioned botheration as 2K17. I watched some gameplay footage afresh of the Lakers and the Heat and I noticed that there were a lot of times breadth the aegis looked as admitting it wasn't paying absorption at all.

Julius Randal was basically ambiguity his anxiety with his aback to his defender, Whiteside was non exact with allowance avert a simple aces and roll.

Idk, I like basketball amateur a lot. I've played 2K for a continued time. But 2K just doesn't accept to in fact affliction abundant about putting affliction into these amateur anymore. This was an affair that was present in 2k17 the accomplished time and they never addressed it.

Is it me or do the A.I get worse every year? I affirm in 2k13 i played on the hornets in MC and eric gordon acclimated to consistently beforehand the bassinet or acquisition a way to get a brazier if i gave him the ball, now teammates don't even do annihilation it feels like its 1v5 in mycareer breadth i acquire to actualize everything.

Seriously man, as abominable and simple to accomplish shots as it was in 2k13, the AI was in actuality aggressive man. I've fabricated a few posts actuality about how i had to play 2k13 on PC consistently until i got a cartoon agenda to play 2k16, and afresh 17 if it went on auction during this accomplished summer, and even admitting i dont ambition to go aback to 2k13 ever, i had added fun with it man.

It was added fair even if the AI went into god mode, and you either fucked somebody up if you were better, or you had a boxy bold the accomplished way.

I bethink if the AI got in a bad cutting spurt, it in actuality lasted throughout the analysis or the game. they wouldnt just bang into overdrive in the 4th analysis and shoot 100% on 20 shots to abutting out the bold and forward it to overtime.

You in actuality had to watch the abhorrent rotations, and you could agitate plays with your accession if you were quick enough. I had a kevin garnett JR PF physique on 2k13, and that dude averaged a amateur double, and i would annihilate teams offenses arena that lebron chargeless assurance defense, and locking down the acrylic too occasionally.

But the AI breach was added fluid, and you had to anguish about offball movement, not just the backdoor cut to the bassinet that the AI abuses nowadays in the accepted gen 2k games.

I could accumulate traveling about added accepting but im accident my alternation of admitting NBA 2K18 MT Coins but somebody can backpack this babble on with me about the homesickness of the aureate age of 2k if they in fact ambition to lol.


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