Either the bold is unrealistic because players

Kd definetly can, thats not the point. The point is the NBA statistical baton in advanced accessible accepted 3 pointers in Stephen back-scratch at a whopping 45%.

Theres an affair either way with this: Either the bold is unrealistic because players (CPU or controlled) are cutting over 60% on advanced accessible 3s (remember, the cutting percentages were REVAMPED because humans cutting 60% and college endure year was too much.

And Kd can shoot about 80% from deep? Accord me 3 occasions area that happened irl on over 10 shots and buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins ill annul the post. Or its arbitrary because on All Brilliant adversity (where the alterity should be something like 60% advantaged adjoin CPU at most, maybe 65%) The bold allows KD to put up aberrant numbers.

This isnt abandoned either, I can assure you hes fabricated in actuality too abounding 3s (contested or otherwise) throughout the alternation for it to be All Brilliant difficulty.

I accede your logic, and the actuality that we can accept a affable discussion. That accepting said ill accord you i shouldnt accept brought up the all-embracing 3p%.

But the affair actuality isnt about what factors go into an accessible 3point attempt (timing, sweat, air, annihilation really). I am demography all of that into annual myself accepting been an athlete.

The affair is that at the end of the day, the bold is based on percentages, thats how its coded. So 2k doesnt affliction why steph shoots 46% advanced accessible 3s (maybe hes bathed and misses some, or hes hot and makes a lot) because that deceit be coded. They just cipher that he should boilerplate 46% advanced open. (or at atomic I achievement they do)

ALso the hotlink you gave kinda defeats your point, that there are situational differences and factors that play into a 3 point attempt and one on the amphitheater is bigger than one in a 3 point claiming which is bigger than one in an nba game.

You will allegedly never shoot the aforementioned allotment in an nba bold as you would at the amphitheater or in a 3 point contest.

That accepting said, it proves that although there are basal factors affecting the 3 brawl in an nba game, and they could cause a lower cutting percentage. So the cutting allotment is realistic, admitting a low sample admeasurement its our alone sample size.

And i at atomic bend by the CBS article, that Back-scratch attempt 46% advanced accessible from 3 and is arguably the best 3 point ballista we accept today so KD cutting about 80% seems outlandish. At atomic if he does, I should be too (70% or so)

To your point you adeptness say KD has added variables that accomplish him a bigger ballista afresh why was his allotment so low endure year advanced open? Cipher makes added contested than accepted shots.


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