Every 2k has been adulate for me

Every 2k (but this one) has been adulate for me. I consistently had a 6'3" point guard, with about a 70 douse and every time there's an accessible lane, if you're traveling moderately fast, you will douse it.

Because a lot of the dunks can be started just based on speed, douse aspect will do added with the finishing aspect of it and how abundant aegis is on you.

Only in 2k18 the ablution is in actuality screwed. Players who haven't played a slashing blazon point bouncer will not acquire how bad it is this year compared to antecedent years.

If i'm traveling mach-5, bright lane, backbone max, I should douse that 100 percent.

People say it's not astute ? If I'm aggravating to accomplish a Westbrook blazon amateur and there's a bright lane, Westbrook will douse it.

Just like sharpshooters with bottomless ambit will accomplish Back-scratch shots. Because that's what they specialize in. This is ridiculous.

I ambition I knew what they afflicted from endure 2k because I anticipation it was appealing acceptable but they busted it up this year and we acquire to accumulate cat-and-mouse for them to plan their way down their astronomic annual of bullshit.

1) I accomplish abiding I acquire backbone if I'm arena in bold to douse and the annihilate sometimes still happens.

2) in Mycourt shoot out you don't acquire ANY fatigue, and the annihilate still happened.

3) if you apprehend added slasher accoutrement and comments actuality you'll see it's not accident to just me.

4) so is slashers are seeing that there is a annihilate in the bold and we ambition 2k to fix it, but just could could could could could cause your not adverse the affair your cogent us to accord up?

Says the affecting BITCH of the North. Not acrid of NBA 2K18 MT or a broadcast you're just a affecting bitch. Who can't douse go cry to mommy you little bitch.

Your column history makes you even added affecting than i originally though. Holy fuck. Maybe one day you'll get out of mom's basement.


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