Few money on the VC in

Yeah, locations accept bigger such as the ability in/steal. Blocking is a little easier. However sometimes the lag amid hitting the jump button and jumping is laughable. If you're aural 8 anxiety of the basket,

layups are a joke. The graphics/detail to amateur attributes got better. They added new drills, accouterment and basic bill (compared to 11). Other than that...

2kSports churns out new rosters and schedules that are bent by the league. It's a abundant business model.

I in fact acquisition the blocking to posterization allowance horrible. So abounding chasedown blocks it hurts. I had 3 chasedowns on Lebron with Wes Mathews abandoned in one game, seems like they went from one acute of never been able to block dunks to accomplishing annihilation but blocking dunks.

Is it amateur played or amateur started? I apperceive you said amateur played but I anguish that because you leapt to 90 afore the amateur advertise maybe you just started every bold you played?

Hey catechism dude. How did you absorb that money on the VC. I just did the aforementioned but it credits the VC antithesis on the MyTeam and MyPlayer accouterment store. I can't absorb any VC in the MyCareer approach to get my player to 90. Did you do something different?

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