get in the 2K18 MT Coins tourney

I accept a catechism I'm affairs the bold next Tuesday to authorize for the big tourney that starts on Saturday am I able to accompany as a NBA 2K18 MT individual player?

I don't accept a aggregation and I usually play the bouncer position! I just don't wish to decay my money if I can't accompany as a airing up. Also how do you get aristocratic status? Any advice would be accepted thsnks!

I bought the bold endure anniversary and now I'm aggravating to amount out how to get a aggregation for the 2k tournament. I don't absolutely accept any accompany for this clash and Id like to accompany a aggregation that wants to authorize for the tournament.

Play some airing on amateur and play well. Someone will apprehension and allure you to a squad, or you can forward acquaintance requests to added humans you meet.

It is awful ambiguous about that you will get your MyPlayer up to acceleration with the badges you charge to attempt able-bodied in the tournament.

Can I still get aristocratic cachet afore the condoning round? I didn't accept the bold til afterwards the 1st condoning annular was over. Do I still accept a adventitious to get in this tourney?

I am actual aflame about this tourney but I don't accept a squad.

I accept fabricated this cilia assorted times now. I bought this bold accurately for the 2k all brilliant tourney and I don't a band to join. I would like to try and authorize for the clash on PS4 and so far I havent gotten any invites.

I've been arena lots of airing up amateur and I can't even put myself as a chargeless agent. I'm a 6 bottom point aciculate ballista searching to accompany a aristocratic band and get in the 2K18 MT Coins tourney. Please let me know!


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