How the CPU teammates act

2k has avant-garde in so abounding agency over the years. It has transitioned from an arcade appearance basketball bold to a "basketball sim".

This is area the problems accept begun. As technology has avant-garde the bold has crept afterpiece and afterpiece to replicating absoluteness in graphics, presentation and animations.

However, in the accomplishment to achieve the bold bout the complete apple added closely it has taken ascendancy out of the players hands.

The bold strives to bout the after-effects of an boilerplate NBA game. This agency teams acid about 45% to bout their complete activity counterparts.

This can be arresting to a amateur as the abandoned way to apparatus a added astute boilerplate is to introduce some aggregate of either randomization or an algorithm to artificially lower a players acid splits.

This after-effects in the bold demography ascendancy out of a players duke by adverse their adeptness to time their shots correctly. If you accept anytime played a bold like rocket alliance area it does not await on animations and scripted after-effects the abridgement of ascendancy is inherently noticeable.

Unless 2K can acquisition a way to accommodate sports gaming by introducing an about abounding physics based engine that mitigates animations and scripts afresh I do not see how 2k can in actuality amuse its playerbase's desires to achieve shots consistently if they time their shots correctly.

These are my thoughts, and I would adulation to apprehend what the association thinks.

For me personally, I'm accept with Players I'm authoritative missing avant-garde accessible shots. Just because I'm arena with Stephen Curry, doesn't beggarly I ambition to be able to achieve 60 3s even if no one is arresting me.

What I'm not accept with is how the CPU teammates act. They will consistently leave a three point ballista avant-garde accessible for the complete simple 3. As continued as I'm missing my shots, I ambition the CPU to aswell absence their shots if heavily contested and not accept them elastic into the bold accepting close.

That is abundantly frustrating. I anticipate it adeptness be the bold accepting to annual for the AI not accepting able to get the aforementioned looks as a animal player. I've heard the accepted affair with video bold AI is not authoritative it “good enough” but actually authoritative it impaired abundant to be beatable.

I anticipate the developers accept done a appropriate job of authoritative the AI iq reasonable (not complete or abutting to buy NBA 2K18 MT) but they accept had to addition it by absolution them achieve a college allotment of poor shots. This makes it arise as if your aegis about doesn't matter.


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