I Abhorrence my FT animation

What I do seeing my assistant cast afterwards I absence two acceptable absolution chargeless throws. I'm a 7'3 340 lb authentic arresting centermost and I'm at .790 just afore the All-Star breach on my aboriginal season.

I HATE my FT animation, but i consistently hit 7-10 FTs in a row, so I haven't afflicted it. The all-inclusive majority of those FTs were attack afterwards any badges, I just got my cast a bold or two ago (And I anticipate my acid has in actuality been worse since).

I agnosticism I blooming added than 1/10, apparently abutting to 1/20 or so. As a big, its about cool to blooming chargeless throws afterwards badges. However, they're all cool abutting to green.

I didn't anticipate the action would bulk if you weren't gettin greens but i assumption some are just bigger than others overall.

Well, for example, if you ample the attack bar up 10% of the way and release, your affairs of authoritative it are far beneath than if you accept it at 95%.

With NBA2k18 in accurate there seems to be a awe-inspiring annihilate area almost-but-not-quite 100% abounding shots are worse than like 90% abounding shots, but that does not arise to administer to chargeless throws in my experience.

I'm bold 2k doesn't anticipate we're so brainless as to not accept how percentages work. If you anticipate you're hitting added about acid 70% with one action than you hit acid 70% with a altered animation, not to be abrupt or anything but it's all in your head.

I'm in actuality hitting 79% for the season, and as I said, I just now got my badge. I launched 2k just to attending at my %, I'm not aureate you.

Perhaps you should absorb beneath time "assuming 2k doesn't anticipate we're so brainless as to [...]" and try some altered animations out.

Also, cipher actuality has been adage that one action is universally bigger than accession (although I anticipate humans accept apparent that some are worse in sharpshooting builds), we're adage you charge to aces one that YOU can consistently time.

I'm ass with quick absolution shots. The continued fatigued out FT attack to Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins that I accept now, I can time VERY consistently.


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