I absent my abuse amateur progress

I'm appealing pissed about it because they managed to get VC out of me because of this. I initially fabricated a Rebounding/Defensive Centermost who was already averaging an A+ and a bifold bifold through like 20 amateur and was a VC machine.

Had 10+ badges already and acquainted no charge to accomplish a 2nd player. Already I absent him and I ample I would eventually get him aback I fabricated my 2nd guy.

It was so difficult on pro arena with this abrade point avant-garde I concluded up battery out $20 for VC, something I've in actuality never done on this game, just to accomplish him playable.

Initially I had just planned on cutting out my centermost and authoritative him my VC maker, abnormally already he got to 95. It's absolute bullshit. And afresh they ambition to abandoned atone us 35,000 vc on top of it.

Can us Xbox players still play esplanade afterwards worrying? This is still an on traveling affair and will not be anchored till the patch. At this moment arena mycareer on Xbox is like arena Russian roulette.

So pissed...I absent my abuse amateur progress...I got all my tattoos just how I capital them and I got my amateur to a 73 and afresh it crashes...I attainable aback up the bold cerebration it would just avant-garde me aback to the agenda but I access to alpha at the end of the commencement and none of my customization is there.

Then, I try to alpha a bold and my bolt and shoot brand ancestor up...I had some achievement so I kept playing. Unfortunately, I had to get all new tattoos, haircuts. But somehow my clothes and accessories were still available?

Then I go to MyCareer cerebration I'll cut my losses, but afresh I alpha arena and already I accomplishment the aboriginal bold of the division (before all this I had 30+ amateur completed) it says I recieive my VC and I go to absorb it and it doesn't appear up!

So now I can play through MyCareer afterwards earning VC and the bold on MyCareer still thinks I'm a 60 OVR (because in the objectives on the buzz afore games, I attending at the objectives breadth and it says "Reach 65 OVR).

So I'm a 73 with a badge, all of my bits is reset, and I can't access VC. So now I'm afraid I will not even be able to antithesis my gaame from afore because now I've overwritten my bold from before.

This is so fucked I ambition I had waited to buy this section of applesauce afterwards the bulk abandoned a little to Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins.

Try Active and Finishing Primary and Aegis 2nd You'll be appealing quick. If you wanna distill acceptable and annual Attempt Creator Primary and Playmaking 2nd 6'5" and under.

A Pure Sharpshooter looks able my acquaintance was authoritative a lot of off distill 3s which is added astute for sharpshooters.

Your best bet would be to go on YouTube and attending at people's builds. There's aswell a Spreadsheet with some numbers for stats like 3pt, Dunking, .etc.


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