I accept fun with NBA 2K every year

Would adulation if 2k took a year off. Hopefully they could play tesy their bold best than 20mins. I accept fun with NBA 2K every year tbh.

Its not a year off. It would be 1 added year for the aforementioned plan to do. They would plan with beneath accent but with the aforementioned humans and the aforementioned ideas.

The prob would get even added abhorrent annual to cover VC-payments in 2 years of brainstorming too.

You can see this on non-sport games,mostly shooters from big companies. They all got abiding micropayment action and DLC-greed HAF! And still their bugs are there for months and in some cases the accomplished game-lifetime.

Since 2k would be afflicted to amplitude its antithesis over 2 years instead of 1 (big payday not already a year and just every 2 years), they prob would appoint beneath employees. Aback they got added time, there wouldnt be the charge for added advisers and more tests.

So: Beneath time, added money or Added time, beneath money. They prob would atone (as I sad before) the lower antithesis either way (more VC payments in the game, or big-ticket DLCs). And the added time would accomplish it little stressful.

The agreeable would be fabricated on the fly to break accordant and up to date (live-content) not in the pre-sale phase.

So maybe you get addition MyTeam approach (4 dominations instead of 3) and the EXP antithesis in MyCareer would be even abate to not accomplish that fast.

The botheration is: They apperceive they advertise 6 actor copies for 70 bugs anniversary every 12 month. And we all apperceive how money-related they plan and how they re anchored on money.

Why should 2k say "we just advertise the 6 mio every 2 years... maybe some buyers will jump on in the meantime...lets say we advertise 7 Mio copies afterwards 24 amid we just absolution a 20 dollar agenda update! we're accomplished with that". They won't.

Regarding the headline, I'm accommodating to bet the alone aberration would be the apparition of leaps over what accept been incremental steps. 2k16 would still become 2k18, we just wouldn't accept 2k17 to middle-man the changes.

Regarding the absolute article, that would beggarly one constant engine for an absolute animate bearing cycle. They'd accept to be committed to backyard out every endure block of cheese if they're traveling to angular on that.

Otherwise, their bold will acclimatize into a alone OP meta just like every added abiding bold does afterwards balancing. And cable WILL beggarly you lose admission to the bold if you stop paying them.

I get the appeal of NBA 2K18 MT Coins, but it's not traveling to be consumer-positive like you guys want.


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