I anticipate you are underrating Gasol

Idk man, in his prime he put up 15/8/4 on abundant efficiency, and a low acceptance amount on one of the slowest paced teams of all time.

He led them to a 56-26 almanac and the added best arresting appraisement as the arresting ballast (and DPOTY for that matter), and aswell was a aloft allotment of their answerability as the added option, and accessory playmaker.

You can altercate that his numbers aren't abundant but as I said, low acceptance amount for a star, low clip as a team, arena with two big men led to breach rebounds (while Gasol boxed out their best rebounder ZBO would grab the board), and defence can't be abstinent finer by accepted stats.

I anticipate you're underrating Gasol because you never saw his prime. I anticipate thats his point. 15/8/4 is good. But not 93 all-embracing good.

Not even close. No ones gunna say that wasnt an absorbing division or whatever, but 15/8/4, no amount how you circuit it, is not a 93 overall.

Their clip was 88.4, that's air-conditioned low. for reference, the everyman paced aggregation this year was Utah with 93.6.

And you're not demography into application that he was the best arresting amateur that year. That's calmly abundant for 93.

No its not though. Prime Dwight is a 93. Orlando Shaq is a 93. Marc Gasol was not NEAR as able as either of them. Dwight was a DPOY too, but he averaged 23 and 14 on bigger shooting. Do you see the BIG BIG difference? Prime Gasol is an 88 or 89. Not a 93.

Edit: Holy bits you guys deceit be serious. You actually anticipate Prime Gasol was just as able as prine Dwight and Orlando Shaq because of fucking pace?

I don't anticipate you accept that the point he's aggravating to put up is that raw stats do not beggarly everything. Taken into context, Marc was a freakin beast.

Thats not his point. His point is that if he played at a college clip and didnt play forth Zach Randolph that Marc Gasol would be putting up prime Dwight numbers. Which is false.

Where does he say that he'd be putting up NBA 2K18 MT Coins prime Dwight numbers? And again, you're reverting to the raw stats argument. Abiding Dwight was added athletic, but Marc had a added able abhorrent game.

In the ambience of 2k ratings, i'd say it makes faculty that a DPOY Centermost with a added able abhorrent bold arena alongside addition abundant bigman who took abroad from his stats would be rated aloft a DPOY Centermost that could be argued to be a bigger rebounder and who's basic draw is accepting added way added athletic.

Add to that the clip that was accepting played and Marc was accomplishing appealing amazing for his situation. And for the FG argument, Dwight got a lot of if not all of his credibility abutting to the basket, which in accepted end up accepting college allotment shots.

Compare that to Marc demography mid-rMaddens and it makes faculty that his FG% would be lower.

Marc was never as blatant as Dwight, but he had Dwight exhausted in added aspects of the bold while both accepting able to avowal DPOY honors.


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