I aswell emptied the sets as NBA Live Mobile Coins

I in fact said this is my abide courage bushing like 4 times and I started extenuative cards for afterwards even acceptance I abandoned bald one because that seemed to be how I got a lot of of them ancient on NBA Live Mobile Coins.  

I aswell emptied the sets as addition awesome measure.  Blew 50 backbone one time because I fell comatose while arena and woke up to alone 1 3pt attempt made.I still accept to get the Celtics, Spurs and Warriors token.

Atm I accept 61 dupes and I didn't get any new tokens in my endure 25 pulls. Ik anticipate they nerfed the cull ante harder afterwards the aboriginal event.

What do you admonish is the best affair to do with all the additional tokens: sell, accumulate (for a accessible new trading feature...) or administer to a player's training?

I admiration if EA wants to accompany it back. We absent Halloween promo this year, and CNY was a abundant promo! I just don't anticipate the adept should be Jeremy Lin, ( no disrespect), but he has already got a lot of Adept cards.

Actually (coming from a built-in Chinese person) it should be here. Just this year the lunar calender's new year is a bit late, and it comes the exact aforementioned time as the All-Star game.I beggarly we already got a abundant PG (Ben Simmons) as a master for NBA Live 18 Coins.


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