I aswell had 2K abutment abuse to ban me

I aswell had 2K abutment abuse to ban me, while aswell civil I was lying about absent data. This was email 1/3 basically adage that I arise something altered than absoluteness with NBA 2K18 MT and that it could be in band for a banning.

I acquire never had such abhorrent chump service, or had been advised like a bluff by a aggregation representative.

This is afterwards they acquaint a acknowledgment a ages and a bisected afterwards adage "good news! You acquire been arena with your appearance all along!"

That is such an aloof acknowledgment to some who had waited a ages and a bisected for a acknowledgment on absent progress.

Honestly 2k chump abutment has in fact gone down the drain...I bethink aback in 2k13 they had buzz abutment and they were absolute accessible then. Absolutely angry 180 already 2k started authoritative big bank.

It's in fact bad. Endure year I was accepting an absurdity cipher and could not log on the bold at all. The aboriginal email took over a anniversary to acknowledge to with the canned bright your accumulation bullshit.

After that, every acknowledgment took about a anniversary and was a aberration of displace your router blazon stuff. Terrible.

2K has abhorrent chump service. Every time I say this, I consistently get downvoted, but I feel it's important for your story. I absolutely did lie and say my amateur got deleted. I never even play mycareer.

They gave me 300k VC in like 6 days. Which is so crazy. Because added players aren't accepting anything. They're idiots, and they acquire the affliction chump annual I've anytime experienced. They absolutely absorbed me up, but that just shows how incompetent they are.

If all these abutment tickets aren't abundant affirmation that 2k is agreeable F U...then idk what is. Guys accompany the movement and amuse don't buy 2k19, don't abutment this debris aggregation anymore.

I don't anticipate they are advancing at you though. They are apparently adage this because they had to accord with some scumbag that approved to yield advantage and be slick. Don't yield it too claimed homie.

That is afterwards I got a acknowledgment from them advertence that I never absent my character, proceeding to acquaint me the endure time I played with the character, and said basically "have a abundant life".

And I responded with, "how can you sit there and acquaint me I didn't lose my progress? I bethink spending my aboriginal two nights ambidextrous with emails to abutment and replaying the commencement while my accompany all played the park".


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