I beneath the lower action from Nike

Hello everyone. I am alive on a new body and I was aiming to accept all of my endorsements. I had conversations with the reps of Nike, Adidas, Beneath Armour, Jordan all of them.

However, Nike rep cutscene happened alert so there was 2 abstracted Nike Contracts. Logically I beneath the lower action from Nike acquisitive to get the college one and aswell I beneath the beneath armour offer. Afterwards 25+ amateur I haven't heard from Adidas, Jordan or Nike. They are all in my objectives as awaiting contracts.

Any admonition or admonition from humans who had agnate affair and if the arrangement offers adeptness acknowledgment would be appreciated. (Some say afterwards all brilliant breach but i still charge some answers)

Already beatific clandestine bulletin to yyy2k and planning to abide a admission to 2k support.

How abounding amateur accept you played aback your endure offer? I had the aforementioned affair appear (2 Nike offers, beneath additional action which was lower) and it took a while (5+ games) for Nike to get aback to me with a revised offer.

I beneath the lower Nike action and I beneath the beneath armour action afterwards that. The college Nike offer, jordan action and Adidas action is still on awaiting arrangement list.

I in actuality adulation this approach but one affair i'm acquainted is the crazy bulk of in actuality acceptable players that are accepting snubbed from the all brilliant game.

For example, in one sim that i did robert covington and otto porter fabricated the all brilliant aggregation with acceptable not abundant stats (around 13-14 credibility and 5-6 rebounds) and players like bradley beal, kemba walker, hassan whiteside, dennis schroder, al horford, and kevin adulation did not accomplish it admitting accepting all brilliant stats.

In actuality in every sim i accept done none of those players fabricated the all brilliant aggregation yet porter and covington and even ben simmons did. is there any way to fix this or are subpar players traveling to consistently accomplish the all brilliant team?

What ya can do is accord players accessory injuries so they sit out of the all brilliant game, afresh 2K gives the next guy up the spot.

For example, 2K best D'Angelo Russell over Kyrie for some impaired reason of buy 2K18 MT, so D'Angelo had a abscessed foot, thereby acceptance Kyrie to crop his place.


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