I completed the aboriginal domination

I adulation MyTeam and it's by far my admired mode. But has anyone abroad noticed that 2K has gotten cheaper with Affairs this year?

In accomplished years I acquire never in fact run out of buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins affairs before, and if I do it is by the time I'm over arena the game. But this year? I just completed the aboriginal ascendancy and I'm already active air-conditioned low.

I use Affairs on my Sapphire/ Emerald players, and acquirement affairs (using VC, never MT) for my Gold / Argent players. This arrangement has never bootless me, ever.

But now I acquire 6 Brownish Affairs left, and alone about 1K VC. In a bold or two, I'm traveling to be down to no Affairs and no VC, abrogation me to use my MT to even play the mode. MT has consistently been acclimated in the bargain house, never annihilation else.

The one capital affair I acquire noticed is the article of the Action Cards - and I'm like 99% abiding that those cards are alone in the bold to yield Affairs abroad from players.

In years past, afterwards every ascendancy bold you were consistently affirmed 3 Affairs from all 3 accolade packs; however, that is not the case this year.

Instead of those 3 arrangement cards, you now accept action cards instead. It's fucking bullshit. Let's see how abounding Affairs we're cheated out of afterwards commutual the aboriginal domination.

Do the math...33 ascendancy games...3 Affairs from anniversary bold (and they ranged from brownish to gold). That's a absolute of 99 Contracts.

I will never accord 2K money for VC - EVER. So to see my play acquaintance accepting bedridden in foreground of my eyes is just so fucking annoying.

I can be wrong, but does anyone abroad accede with me?

OP, the best way to advance MT is to save area you can. For challenges, I run an all brownish bench. In my starting bureau I acquire Penny (Ruby), Rashaun Vaughn (Bronze), Jeff Green (Bronze), Thon Maker (Silver), Nate Thrumond (Gold, able-bodied emerald with DD boost.) The alone time I'll about-face that calendar is if a claiming calls for it.

For instance, in the afterwards agenda games, you'll acquire to use eight Bucks players with a max of three gold players. If that aggregation has mostly bronze/silver players, snatch them up. You can about instantly advertise them aback if you're done.

You can use three bigger golds etc. Hopefully those tips will help, but I consistently buy affairs afore the game.

Ruby and lower. I instantly blast arrangement cards on amethyst or college rated players. Consistently buy affairs with MT, not VC. It's a huge ripoff. Save your VC for Backpack and Playoffs or added modes in 2K.


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