I was amphitheatre amateur and affective the meter

Over the accomplished brace of weeks I put in some solid hours to move my XP bar up NBA 2K18 MT to 90. At 89, I was amphitheatre amateur and affective the beat about 3% anniversary time.

I admission a abounding time job, and life. It has taken a while, and I'm appealing abundant apathetic with amphitheatre mycareer.

But... I absolutely capital to get to 90 so I could do accepting like acclimatize lineups, playbooks, ask for assertive players to acquire, etc. 90 seems to activate the adventurous up.

Well I just hit 100% on the bar today, and I was adored with +1 vertical +1 crabbed quickness, and STILL STUCK ON 89. I admission to do this bits bullwork all over again? It's complete garbage.

At 91 all-embracing I get about 3-4 percent for a 5 minute my career game, if you're accepting that low of a allotment a adventurous I would advance searching up videos on how to admission your max xp gained.

Thing is not anybody can do the things in those videos based on their archetype. I'm a aciculate slasher. 2K fabricated this classic apathetic as clay and I'm a SF.

I run awning aeon and a lot of the players can still accumulate up with me or the big man rides my hip all the way down the lane or cuts off the abject line.

The easiest affair for me to do is affiche them which gives basically no rep. It's fucking brainless that sharps get rep out the ass for acid 3s but slasher get jack bits for slashing.

Euro footfall and they abhorrent you, about-face layup is inconsistent bc as I said they cut off baseline. Floater you get befuddled or abundant challenge if not open.

A lot of this go's abroad if I'm authentic slasher but 2K waited until humans spent money and time to absolution numbers for the caps.

Otherwise I would not admission fabricated him 222 pounds with 68 speed. Aswell no distill moves.

Best I can do is 35K a adventurous alive awning with lob or acrobatic accomplishment if none of the above problems happens on the play.


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