I would not advertise these 2K cards

Guys I congenital him today for about 6.2m or so and now if I advertise all the investments and aggregate I accept I'll be up aback to about 3.5m or more.

But I could rather access my authorization to about 95 from 94 If I advertise him and the abstraction of disturbing all the way aback to those bill is absolutely hurting.

I dont apperceive about affairs these 99 ovr cards now...i would adore them. because appropriate now it looks like ea wont absolution any top amount cards for bill anymore afore the i would not advertise these cards.

Exactly I affectionate of admired the agenda he's my aboriginal clamp agenda and he's acceptable for me went 6/6 abounding times for now!! but still in dilemma.

Like he shoots able-bodied but in some amateur he fucks up a lot(I apperceive they can't hit em all) but antic misses that's if I feel like affairs him!

Only affair I accept is crumbling all the time to body all those bill and just buy one amateur of it lol :D I was planning to buy 96 currys(bm and shooting) maybe Lin too.

Yeah man Lin is bits costly(for a 94) didn't accept bill if he was 3m. I've Irving for now at cutting pg and no I don't accept adept WB as I alone accept played the bold for like 28 canicule or so if I account the absolute time aboriginal time alone for a anniversary bought 2 back-scratch and thompsons and larboard and now started afresh so I'm like 175 reside contest and some seasons abroad from WB.

I would delay to advertise him until afterwards the Durant set expires. If you advertise him now, you will be affairs him at a low point. My assumption is that you would be affairs all-encompassing 94 to 96 players to advancement your franchise.

Those NBA 2K18 MT players are traveling to lose amount over the next few months as added and added 95 to 98 all-encompassing players are released. If I were you, I would accumulate Durant.


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