If EA could somehow change the LvL format

Between LvL, which is anybody cutting 6-8 3pters a quarter, to NBA 2K18 MT reside events, which put you in positions area a "Three wins it, but a two will tie and you fail", am I the alone one searching at my band up and realizing that I am architecture my absolute authorization about a few shooters?

In LvL, you will about be a damage to your alliance if you focus on just accepting buckets instead of airing it out, and reside events, well, we already apperceive how 3pt axial they are.

Why not accord us a full, 4qtr bold a week, area it has added adversity and we could advance column players more? Or players like John Wall who get to the basket?

The bold is too 3pt focused, abnormally LvL, area it is about binding that you try to account 20+ by cutting &+ 3's...

Play added H2H. if you aren't scumming for added admirers (you already accept WB and added masters) it's a abundant befalling to annex out. you will lose to all the 3 addicts, but that doesn't absolutely matter.

For me I accept to attack some dunks and layups to get my shooters hot, or my absolute division will go down the shitter. Just from my expierience.

Is it like Anger Mobile, area if you ability a assertive akin the adversity increases? I accept been allurement for a capricious adversity for seasons in anger adaptable back launch.

If EA could somehow change the LvL format, area wins are Cheap NBA 2K18 MT account added than differentials, I anticipate you'd see a change in approach.


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