​Let's allocution about the added aspects of the game

This would be fun, but this aggregation tends to be hit and absence so I agnosticism annihilation listed would be possible. (content warning: language.) As a biographer of stories, I consistently acquainted the storylines in these amateur were lackluster. This year is the best they've came with so far but far from a complete tale. However if you yield abroad the adventure let's allocution about the added aspects of the game.

Overall: Can we amuse stop this 60 all-embracing bullshit? From 2k16 (my claimed experience.) to 2k19 you're so fucking absorbed up yet you're accepted worse than some bank players... in the G-league. Yes you can max out your guy to alpha your first bold of your amateur division at a 75 all-embracing and that's accomplished and all, but that's what you SHOULD alpha out as to activate with. To accomplish it into the NBA has to yield some akin of talent, it doesn't beggarly at all you will succeed, but you have to in someway not be so shitty. Accord us at atomic a 70 all-embracing because a 70 all-embracing doesn't beggarly you're acceptable or bad as a rookie. Let's not overlook in NBA2k14 Kawhi Leonard was a argent agenda in my team, and 82 on play now.

Social Media: Social Media is a fun aspect for games, abnormally sports titles, but it would be nice to in fact acknowledge in some way to these, or cheep your own claimed (list of choices.) tweets afterwards games, or cheep added players to invite them to your court, 1 v 1, or ask added players during FA if THEY wanna arise to your team. If you play nine amateur and you're averaging 45-19-32 and afresh arise the tenth bold bold you play terrible, the "fans." shouldn't be like 'oh he's so bad, oh acceptable job AI this bold is 100% on you, we should barter this man already.' Lastly Josh Richardson tweeted me the added day above-mentioned to our bold In Miami. "I assuredly get to bouncer A.I. it'll be that abundant sweeter if we win."

Bro, you're not even the sixth man sit down.

Accessories: I get skateboards, tattoos, and bits i get that. Aswell candied not accepting to pay for haircuts, but If I'm on the spurs, I shouldn't accept to pay for spurs accompanying clothing. I'm not talking about bequest jerseys I'm talking regular activation attire, that should be free. I'm on the god abuse team. They accord you a chargeless aggregation shirt if you were to win a ring with that band but that's absolutely not the point. Aswell I adulation the abstraction of bequest jerseys, but I don't wanna spend 40,000 VC for a freaking jersey dude that's ludicrous.

Nickname: As I said in antecedent rants before, I didn't play NBA2K on Xbox one during the 14-15 era, just the 16-19 so I got to be Freq, if I aboriginal heard that name I admired it because I was a seven bottom centermost and boss like a FREAK but afresh arise to acquisition out, it's spelled Freq as in Frequency Vibrations. Uh.. okay, afresh you become the Prez of basketball, afresh DJ because ya know, you're a fucking Disc Jockey. Afresh 2K says 'Okay, okay, no added asinine nicknames. It's 2018 let's accord them the nickname, A.I.' "uh but sir, what about Allen Iverson? He retired seven years ago, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame two years ago." That man afterwards on was accursed from his job. I beggarly what's next? MJ? Lebron?

Big Daddy Shaq?

As i said the bold isn't bad, but it can be fixed, severely, it just needs developers (Not you wang you can go.) who apperceive what they're accomplishing and competent abundant to accomplish a accepted career story, which isn't fucking hard. Accompany aback academy games even if it's short, based aloft how we do in March Madness let that adjudge our fate in the NBA Draft, don't let us accept who we get drafted by, let us accept to plan for it throughout our amateur contract.


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