Looked at his upgrades appropriate now

It's a guy called giussepe vuitton on YouTube and he uses a column scorer and NBA 2K18 MT Coins gets annihilation but greens all the time even on acrylic protectors and lockdowns.

I just can't bulk out how he does it. How abounding times accept y'all gotten abounding whites that should accept been green.

He probabaly has max attempt abutting and mid range, and apparently buys boosts or won Mt. Dew. Also, he is a crazy top rep so that bureau lots of amateur played, which bureau he probabaly knows the exact time by beef anamnesis now.

I accept had a column scorer for months and I accept added wins and a bigger record. I just get abounding whites lol. I've apparent his stats and he hasn't even affected attempt abutting I don't think.

Looked at his upgrades appropriate now and saw that he has max attempt close. I don't apperceive what to acquaint you except stick to one achromatize and get acclimated to it. It's all the user.

I was amiss he does accept it maxed but it abandoned goes to 73. Lol humans in actuality accept he's accomplishing it legit.

Idk what he's accomplishing but I don't accept he's just shooting. I absent a abounding white angle attempt with my admirable brand lol it's 2k. It does not accomplish sense.

I'll ask you can you blooming consistently in your my cloister on hof on your shots? Can you play a blacktop bout adjoin the cpu on hof and blooming consistently?

If you deceit do these things afresh you apparently havent in actuality baffled your shot. I agreement you that vuitton guy can blooming fades on hof with his eyes closed.

Also bethink that he is announcement highlights on his YouTube. Yeah there will be amateur breadth he hits bags of greens but he isn't bold you the abounding whites that he misses.

I just watched a few of his vids and he is acutely absolute accomplished but I haven't apparent him column a video of him missing a shot.

Granted I haven't watched all his videos but he is acutely showcasing his best amateur which is what anybody does on YouTube. Don't let that fool you into cerebration the guy doesn't accept off amateur because anybody does.

Can you blooming consistently on anteroom of fame? I can't. I'm adage I don't anticipate it's possible. He said he hit 48 greens in a row on my park. Is that believable to you?

Any suggestions?


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