NBA 2K - 2K18 was by far the affliction handled bold of the bunch

NBA reside is debris I'm not hyping reside at all haha the archetypes were so bad imo bottle cleaners cutting 3s from the bend and sharpshooters bricking accessible 3s attempt creators were bankrupt af while playmakers seemed to be gods at aggregate I'm talking about esplanade the added modes were abundant altered that's why I consistently played pro am as it did acquainted a bit added realistic.

I apperceive that vc don't beggarly aggregate I've been arena 2k back 14 and the bulk of vc to advancement your my amateur has added like mad if u capital to get your amateur to 95 it was an batty bullwork

on that stupid convenance court/gym some concepts of NBA reside 18 attending actually acceptable I ambition they were on 2k.

Tbh let's see what 2k brings to the table afterwards the abortion that was 2k18 I will not accept annihilation till I see it.

As anyone who played back Iverson was on the cover, NBA 2K18 MT was actually a abandoned money grab because of the complete cartel they had on basketball games.

It was a solid bold that whose online appearance were handled acutely ailing to the point area it broke the game. They could get abroad with annihilation because your alone added another was to not play.

I accept to say 2K18 was by far the affliction handled bold of the bunch, but not the affliction altogether.


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