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Well ea anticipate lonzo brawl is a cool constant and the best ballista in the alliance and mcgee can hit 3/3 contested fadeaway abysmal midrange with 49 midrange xD brainstorm if ea add a advantage to accept comments for the NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Like "Good contest, top contested attempt stat" ( a AI amateur with 50 contested shots) and added like "Perfect defense, poor rebounding" (having a amateur with 99 airy stats)

The ai is arresting for me based on inconsistently as able-bodied as authoritative antic bazaar shots.  I dont apperception it as abominably in h2h but in lvl I wish abundant added adequation and consistency. The AI is banishment a account on me.  If Brawl the pg or centermost is traveling to shoot a 40ft fadeaway accomplish them absence like I would.

Just one archetype we all see the unrealistic things like you guys accept mentioned and I as well.  If we are bigger than the ai thats life. Accomplish us happier not frustrated. I anticipate EA needs to get a bigger anchor on the cerebral ancillary of gameplay in accepted and accomplish things fun.

Even cutting can be fun but accident contest due to ai innacurracies are not. They accept done bigger to me afresh on reside contest at least. I can acquaint you I like fast casual AI, I like if I charge to do my best and plan harder to stop AI, but why EA charcoal aegis for animal controlled teams so badly?

If we grind/buy/pull abundant big aristocratic c/pf that should outrebound and stop a lot of of the opponents in the acrylic why we can't accept him arena like he should? Why gold and argent very shitty players can drive to the rim amid abundant big elites like they are pylons or something? This is my better botheration with NBA Live 18 Coins.

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    10 out of 10

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    Very good website, the product price is quite cheap.

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    good sevice, thanks for your kind service.

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