NBA live-I accede with you on NBA Live Mobile Coins

It seems that EA ditched the gameplan for MM16 and copy/pasted NBA Live into NBA Live Mobile Coins, added or less. The captains are now alone an 85 overall, and if the MUT aperture transfers to MM, the Master agenda is alone a 95 overall, not a 99. Also, they are absolution a bays monster appropriate off the bat. I alone adjure they let us bargain our abuse

players. Any opinions on this observation?

Both Madden Mobile and NBA Live Mobile accept this feature. I don't ambition to accept to seek on Futhead for a GC or a FF agenda and again accept to seek through pages of the accustomed agenda accumulated with the agenda I ambition to accept to acquisition that card. Why is this not a feature?

I accede with you on them absolution too abounding 99s too fast problem. EA should've admired lower amount players added from the alpha and fabricated 99s added attenuate in the aboriginal abode but my accomplished affair with the a lot of these pro displace arguments is that a lot of the affidavit a displace is acceptable can be done after areset. You don't charge to displace a bold to accumulate things fun and refreshing. Them just abacus new sets every few months should be abundant acumen to accumulate humans grinding.

I don't like this abstraction that if anyone already has a top overall, they will get bored. I'm appealing abiding those aforementioned humans still grinded for that Summer League Lonzo, I'm abiding they're still cutting for that Elite Trohphy Shaq, etc. I don't get why anyone ambition to stop accepting new players because their calendar is already good.

I'm not even absolutely against to a reset, but what absolutely bugs my out is how humans accomplish it assume like EA is accomplishing it for us if it's absolutely for money. Losing players you formed harder for is one affair but the actuality that you lose is aggregate except NBA banknote is just crazy to me.

At atomic let me accumulate my millions of bill I spent hours accepting. I get that some humans play this bold for the bullwork but added humans like me play for the bullwork.AND to leave something behind. I rarely play Clash of Clans now canicule for archetype but its still fun to go aback and see how abundant plan I put in and if I ambition to go aback and accumulate architecture assimilate what I already achieved, I can.

I assumption we're gonna accept to accede to disagree but I absolutely ambition there was a way to abstain the displace completely. Like you said, not anybody plays the aforementioned and I ambition EA took that into consideration. I just feel like this accomplished affair is like socialism. A few at the top get apathetic so NBA Live 18 Coins armament all of us to accord up our progess so it will be a an even arena field.

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