NBA Live - I accept to buy NBA Live Mobile Coins

Then I got through Dirk in 34 exchanges.  Just gotta accumulate on going. Iverson and Dirk were easy. I’m accepting agitation with Howard too. Might accept to about-face to aggravating to accomplish Dirk a platinum to Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins.

The gold 4-3 badge was the endure one I bare for both 94 and 97 Davis. It took me 37 times through the badge set to accomplishment those two.  Then I got through Dirk in 34 exchanges.  Just gotta accumulate on going.

Hey guys did anybody approved this Time Capsule option?  It is like a wildcard? Any moment that you charge for a accurate amateur you can ample it up? It describes "gold moment for any player". Appreciate for your response.

No its not a wildcard. The backpack contains moment tokens for any amateur but you still charge to get advantageous to cull the appropriate

badge that u need.The description is misleading. I anticipation it was like a wildcard and bought the pack.

It was just 3 accidental tokens and I was not able to accomplishment a set. Thank you EA... I accept to buy the backpack but with that advice it’s like not account to absorb money.  Idk what's accident in this bold but I just can't get Allen Iverson 94 to buy NBA Live Coins...


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