NBA Live - I was aggravating to advertise players

I've started to put any added bronzes and argent players I get into Aggregation sets. After I added all the players I could from my bench, I was afraid to see that I still had a agglomeration left: I accept 6 argent and 16 brownish players on my bench. None is in any of my lineups.

And I still accept accessible slots in every aggregation set. But if I go through anniversary aggregation set to add them, they don't appearance up as acceptable for the set.

This happens with players I get from events, from packs, and from the AH, so there's no identifiable arrangement to it. And it's not that they can't go into sets at all.

Lol you accept actually commented on every individual column in every area of this forum...Your name is the endure affiche on 95% of the accoutrement on the absolute forum...What do you get out of accepting the a lot of NBA Live Coins posts?

I anticipate it may be because they may be in some of your added lineups. Check your shooting, arresting and all the added band ups and affirm to see if they are not in there.

That happened to me they did not accomplish my counterbalanced calendar but again I arrested the others they were there!

I've noticed that some players don't go into the aforementioned sets as their jersey, but not accepting a aggregation amalgamation at all hadn't occurred to me. Maybe they're allotment of the NBA players' association, but aren't on a roster somewhere?

I absolutely hit that aboriginal on if I was aggravating to advertise players, but my lineups are all aristocratic now, so that shouldn't affect these players.


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