NBA Live - They should accept to NBA Live 18 Coins

I admitting i wouldnt complete the 200 tickets because of the sets, but I accomplished it afterwards accomplishing any appulse sets and accomplishing the summer alliance sets weeks ago if Ball and NBA Live Mobile Coins ,Harden is still affairs kinda top abundant to accord you profit.

For the guys that are missing SETS, I'm absolutely suggesting accomplishing the ascent stars, now you can get them for bargain and get those bill back. I went from 168 sets to 200 sets and got my final division account tickets by alone spending like 400k (after affairs everything).

If you didn't notice, they are not adage is absolute appropriately the "in preparation...".  The bold still says "during maintenance".It is absurd how bad EA deals with such a simple situations. just wow at that arrested move. do ea guys in fact play that game?

I still anticipate that EA would accessible up the AH one endure time because they can’t say smthg  to us in the bold and put up smthg abroad

on Twitter, it’s rather amateurish and would attending bad on them if they do so.

My bequest aggregation was accessible weeks ago, so I was prepared. But I still larboard 13 actor bill for the endure day to buy NBA Live 18 Coins, because I knew there would be some amateur dumping, and I was acquisitive to maybe get 1-2 amateur adjustments. Now it seems that all I will be able to do, will be a 13mil Pro backpack opening. This was a bad, bad move from them. They should accept warned us one day before.

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