NBA Live - we will accept acceptable game to play NBA Live Mobile Coins

If EA can stop with this BS for animal controlled teams and aswell abate 3PT/MR scoring for AI centers that accept 25(or so) 3-pointers and abhorrent midrange attempt but account from any atom like they are Currys or Allens again we will accept acceptable game to play NBA Live Mobile Coins.

I came on actuality to column a agnate comment, but I'm added afraid we haven't heard a affair from Price.  That's actually the scariest affair in S2.  We accept accepted complaints and effective criticism, but they ghosted us.  That's addition affair to add to the accomplished blend this bold has alone on us.  

Is it reasonable, or even valid, to wish some advice or action?  I feel the bulletin from EA has been clear: "Love it or abhorrence it, its what we accord you.  Now shut up." The Globetrotter casual is unrealistic and absolutely a torn mechanic.  That's not basketball.  

Nobody can bolt a canyon and accomplish a canyon 8 times in a row and accept it be apple-pie every individual time.  Especially a lot of of the SF and big men in the alliance today.  Some can pass, sure, but they can't (and shouldn't) be accomplishing these things artlessly to accomplish the bold unbearable.  

I'm on the border of quitting, not because of the acquisitiveness or ghosting by EA, moreso because this isn't a bold anymore.  It's not counterbalanced or astute or even fair.  Counterbalanced agency both abandon accept the aforementioned moveset  to buy NBA Live 18 Coins and capabilities and adventitious to win.  That's acutely not the case. 

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