​NBA2K20 and VC let's get the bold we deserve

Can we all arise calm and at atomic try to alpha a movement and advance the chat now and aboriginal to attack to change the way VC is handled in 2K20 and approaching 2Ks? I apperceive a lot of our frustrations arise from micro affairs and how abundant money we put into the bold for us to get a glitchy artefact in return. This would not be accustomed anywhere else, and we shouldn't acquiesce it either.

We saw what could arise if a amateur abject pushes aback with the StarWars game.

I anticipate this is a abundant game, but the avidity of Take-Two and the microtransactions aural it accomplish it about unbearable. As abundant money as 2K brings in from microtransactions, this bold should plan flawlessly.

Instead, we accept connected server adherence problems, bold modes that artlessly don't work, and simple things such as loading into a pro am amphitheatre not alive is unacceptable in my opinion.

I anticipate it's time now to at atomic attack to advance aback and do what we can to voice our annoyance and use our wallets as a articulation to get the bold we all wish and deserve next year.

I do not play MyTeam so I cannot allege on that, but I accept played a lot of MyCareer.

MyCareer abounding with acquisitiveness breadth it takes endless hours and money to even get your amateur to a point breadth you can even play online. It takes ~$50 to get a amateur to 85 overall, and I can't brainstorm the amount of hours it takes if you do not acquirement VC.

Its accessible that 2K makes arena with a low all-embracing amateur enough and their ambition is to accomplish humans buy VC, and that is wrong.

In the MyCareer bold approach we are represented as our overalls, which is artlessly the akin of your player. In added MMO amateur I've played, you can not artlessly acquirement levels, you accept to in actuality play to admission your level.

I accept that instead of causing players to absorb batty amounts of money to advancement their players, 2K should acutely abatement the amount of VC OR abjure users to use VC to admission their players overalls but instead use VC to ONLY increase the amount at which a amateur progresses.

I apperceive we do not accept the answers yet, but if we can arise calm now and accede that the way VC is handled in the bold now and advance aback now, we may be able to get some drive abaft us and 2K20 can be the bold we all apperceive it can be.


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