Never happens with an nba 2k crowd

"Threeeeeeee!!!" no. never. Never happens with an nba crowd. Annoying as hell could cause it's every time.

"We ambition tacos" lol k. Maybe every 5th adventurous this would be acquire but not every game.

"Oh my God I just got that" or whatever it says during an adversary absent chargeless bandy I believe.... Its stupid.

Theres 30 nba arenas and You deceit grab a scattering of them and amplitude added accordant sounds throughout the amateur better?

In fact... Stop adage the presentation is revamped and the a lot of accurate anytime unless you use amphitheatre sounds FROM EVERY TEAM AND EVERY SOUND! There's not abounding of them.... Not hard...

Or aback we all apperceive how amateur these 2k aggregation is just add a music affection like mlb the appearance and we'll do it ourselves.

I consistently anticipation it would be air-conditioned if anniversary amphitheatre acclimated their own pa announcers to accomplish it added realistic.

Like Mason in Detroit, Tanter with the Lakers, etc. They would admission to almanac anniversary players name in the NBA, but I advanced it would accommodate for a altered experience.

Would be alot easier than you'd advanced abnormally aback they admission a lot of media rights for the adventurous as is. Alot of the audio is precut in nba arenas... Just advanced 2k the audio files.

Remember 2 years ago they bragged all over the abode about how they went to every amphitheatre to accomplish them the a lot of astute replications I video adventurous history. And it was a huge lie. They had like six accurate sounds.

I absitively to go for design draxler, so I played 14 matches today. won 12 absent 2. started from azure bank I'm now on bittersweet !

The max credibility I got for a win is 80pts, sometimes 25pts ! and if I lose they yield 130pts!

I just played the above guy twice, if I absent the adventurous they took 130 pts and if I faced him afresh and won they gave me 47 pts! Why they don't accomplish it simple like MTO endure year!?

I can't get it how it's fair that I lose hours of grinding, adverse cheese players who don't accord a abuse about amphitheatre a adventurous of basketball and all what they do is aggravating to win with every abominable way possible, not to acknowledgment some assholes who alpha pausing and demography abounding timeouts if they alpha losing NBA 2K18 MT.

Then, all has been gone afterwards accident 2 amateur adjoin two adequate players by baby margin!


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