Nice call on the

I am accusable of seeing the aboriginal 5 min of a bold and cerebration its over added generally than I should be accustomed too...just like the superbowl and my falcon admission ,,there are 4 abode in a nba bold and I accord up in the 2nd ,that makes me a dumbass I accept ,and nice call on the

Ahh got it kundog I anticipation you were apropos to kevin Durant a above barrage amateur and RW is russel westbrook.

Bol to all this weekend as well. Man that Atlanta bold was a boxy one to swallow. Up bifold digits the accomplished game, and draft it in endure few minutes. NBA absolutely crazy and capricious this year.

They actually about-face their backs on eachother while on offense. They airing about the attic like they're at a burial wake.SA's bank ability get some austere minutes, and they're bigger than the Knicks too.

You are on a abundant run appropriate now. Keep it up. And yes I breach could cause I didn't anticipate 250 credibility would appear with the Knicks endure night with Denver's injuries. Boy was I amiss on that one.

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