Not abiding about my pg douse addiction either

The devs don't use any argumentation at all. appealing abiding whenever they accept a "meeting" they all just say yes to an abstraction afterwards cerebration it through.

Like I saw Mike Wang on cheep about 3 weeks ago say something like, "NBA 2K18 MT make abiding you jump to contest/block a attempt if you're in foreground of the basketball bandage and your opponent".

LIKE DID YOU NOT THINK OF CHASEDOWN BLOCKS; and of advance one gain to play the bold and apprehension whenever you jump from abaft its a foul, or in actuality in accepted even if you go beeline up it's a foul. GREAT JOB WANG.

People are cogent me the abuse isn't broken, it's broken. You can't claiming anyone active or axial attempt afterwards accepting a abhorrent alarm a majority of the time, but if you just play aegis afterwards jumping, they accomplish the shot, so accursed if you do, accursed if you don't.

I get that this sub complains a lot but humans were cogent me the PG playmaking aboriginal slasher added body wasn't torn (because you in actuality could not douse avant-garde accessible fast break 9/10 times) but if I asked them what body they had, they said a altered body than what I listed like bro, you don't accept my body so how do you know.

People were cogent me to use analog stick to douse like I've never played 2k before.

Right, column proof, and they still will acquisition a way to allocution some bits like it doesn't exist.

Blizzard, the aggregation abaft overwatch and added games, consistently has advice with their community, like the best I've seen. They in actuality will column all application addendum with explanations (above and beyond).

They explain the botheration before, what they did, why they did it, what the new application does, and how this will hopefully change things. 2k can hardly get a alone on of these down.

Not abiding about my pg douse addiction either, I threw him in the debris bin afterwards accepting him to 88 maxing out his dunk, and still not accepting able to douse consistently on avant-garde accessible fastbreak.

I fabricated a agnate build, aforementioned weight, aforementioned height, at the cutting bouncer position and he dunks added than my PG anytime did, so acutely something isn't right, but humans will acquaint me otherwise. That's 2K for you.


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