Pay $100 for a video bold card

Sure abundant they will abide to bead 24 hour 99 NBA Live Coins players for $100 till they displace the game. I for one beam at those that pay $100 for a video bold card.

It affectionate of sucks that we wont be able to see who in fact was a accurate grinder and congenital their authorization by arena the bold correct. Too abounding bill buyers and $100 backpack buyers that didnt bullwork for the 90+ Franchise.

Surely we deceit accuse about added agreeable right? apropos the $100 cards, why not if some humans accommodating to buy them, that's ea's business/ strategy, doesn't affect us chargeless gamers and teams with these cards are still beatable.

You are appropriate about that, I'm ailing of seeing every aggregation accept about identical lineups, EA needs to actively get rid of anyone affairs from alfresco sources bc it makes it so anyone can accept a abundant authorization without putting in the plan the blow of us do, it's just disgusting, the alone affair lower is botters.

Meant after spending REAL MONEY for players. All bullwork such as application the ah to abstract or seasons for coins, h2h for coins, accomplishing sets to accepting those top akin elites but never already bottomward a dime on this bold to artlessly get the best player.

I see your point but anticipate about it, would you bead $100 to accept the best players in your lineups and again say you grinded?

I would never buy $100 agenda but the humans that do bullwork as able-bodied so I don't see why humans say all bullwork franchise. Who cares if it's all grind?

I'm a 96 ovr bullwork authorization so if I absitively all of abrupt to buy $100 agenda I awful agnosticism that would discredit annihilation I've able till this point. I anticipate all bullwork authorization is an alibi for some.

Excuse to abhorrence on others who are acknowledging with tos.


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    10 out of 10

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    Very good website, the product price is quite cheap.

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    good sevice, thanks for your kind service.

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