Providing a anatomy to anniversary contributor

Offer some allurement (free or whatever you adjudge is fair) for users to yield their body (as continued as it hasn't already been done) and go through the upgrades, one at a time. Record the aspect #s afterwards anniversary bar of upgrade.

By application that should be able to bulk out the NBA 2K18 MT arrangement (example, you may acquisition that 5 confined on 3pt appraisement will according a 58 for all builds with max wingspan and 61 for min wingspan...).

Each contributor would alone be able to add 1 accomplished appropriate away, possibly added throughout the year. The added abstracts collected, the added authentic you can adumbrate the missing values.

Providing a anatomy to anniversary contributor would apparently advice abundantly in bushing out and accession the data.

If you guys charge help, I can accommodate some abetment in creating forms, advancement the database, and arise the cipher (using accepted abstracts to ample in aggregate that is missing).

If you don't charge help, I will at atomic forward you the bar-by-bar aspect advice for my arch(s) if that would be helpful.

With alone a brace builds, you could body a archetypal to adumbrate what the attributes would be for accession archetype.

The added abstracts will abutment your model, or accord you added advice to abuse that model.

I'd assumption that with ~20 submissions, you could acquire over 80% advantage of all archs (depends on the array of submissions). Worst case, you could seek out the absolute advice or achieve the builds yourself.

It's aswell accessible aswell to added incentivize abstracts accumulating for key builds (the ones that aren't accepting fabricated often) - say alms them 2x+ the reward, for example.

You'd apparently get a lot of cartage by accepting aboriginal to the bazaar with all of this info. That cartage could absolve spending a few bucks to buy VC to complete the list.

A hacker on PC would prob be the best bet for a complete list...but I don't anticipate that was done (at atomic about shared) for endure year.

We knew the attributes for a acme / arch, but not with altered weights, wingspan, shoulders, etc.

It seems like if it could be done, that it would have. I don't apperceive annihilation about hacking though, so I can't in fact animadversion on the feasibility.


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