Seeing the BS that i still accord with 2k

How abounding of you will not be affairs 2K next year? For me, this is affectionate of the endure straw. If annihilation changes, afresh no added money for them. They blew it.

This def my endure 2k. I was planning on accepting done afterwards 2K17, but i got pulled aback in with the adjacency abstraction and bifold archs, but seeing the BS that i still accord with 2k, i'm done for acceptable now. I don't affliction what air-conditioned appearance they put in 19, i already apperceive the gameplay gonna be still awry like a mf.

In 2K18, imma esplanade and walk-on proam player, and the gameplay with both are so torn it's not even funny. I'm just fed up with the unrealism of 2k, and that's the capital acumen why i'm out.

Players accepting able to consistently hit bisected cloister shots, contested shots that go in at a constant rate, slashers accepting able to get a acquaintance posterizing douse about EVERY time they drive to the bandage on somebody, torn animations, etc.

Man there's so abundant bits humans get abroad with that's not even astute that i don't even affliction to annual it all cuz i'll be typin a fkn book. The bold is basically a added realistic-looking ashore NBA Jam.

Stop absolution humans accomplish every fkn attempt they take, contested shots should not go in that often, yield abroad blooming lights, yield abroad HOF badges, or at atomic tune down the capability of them by A LOT, you should alone be able to hit limitless ambit shots like 1 out of 10 attempts, even on HOF. I just wish a BASKETBALL game, 2k not basketball.

This year is a little altered tho, afore 18 a lot of ppl didn't see the bold for what it has become. Media backfire on Take-Two and EA has opened a lot of eyes. If you abide to abutment something like this you are in actuality a bobcat and are the acumen the bold keeps accepting worse.

No botheration in affairs the bold late, on auction or from places 2K deceit get any of your money. Not affairs VC and application the alibi you accept to because of offline priorities and bound timetime to accreditation your purchases will advice anybody in the continued run to get a bigger bold in the future.

2k18 took a big footfall up from the characterless gameplay of 2k17 so as a primarily myleague player, 2k18 has been great. Because of this, I adeptness not buy 2k19 appropriate abroad unless of buy NBA 2K18 MT there are some cogent gameplay improvements like there were this year as I can just stick with 2k18 and use adapted rosters, but we'll see how 2k19 looks. I'll apparently buy 2k19 either way, just maybe not on launch.


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    10 out of 10

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    Very good website, the product price is quite cheap.

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    good sevice, thanks for your kind service.

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