The bottomless accompaniment of progression and VC in 2k18

With all this SWBF2 and EA abhorrence traveling about Reddit, I'm a little aghast that not abundant of a fuss is accepting fabricated about the bottomless accompaniment of progression and VC in 2k18.

This bold is in actuality broken, I've already gone aback to arena 2k17 and I've abandoned had this bold for a month. It's afflicted to play MyCareer unless you acquire an added $60 to absorb on VC to get you to lvl 75.

And even already you get to 75 OVR, you're still added than acceptable to absence 70% of your shots, 90% of your layups, and a fucking bodice costs about 3 or 4 real-world dollars.

I could buy a absolute bodice for that abundant money. About every aspect of this bold feels like a footfall backwards from antecedent titles. I don't anticipate it even justifies the $60 abject price.

I'm abiding this has been said before, but why aren't there posts hitting the top of r/all accusatory about this? Why has the association appealing abundant accustomed the abhorrent accompaniment of this bold already?

I feel appealing cheated by 2K, and I in actuality will not be affairs a new appellation in the future. I'll just accomplish do with anachronous rosters.

What 2k has done with basketball simulation is affectionate of incredible. I beggarly they haven't had a above advance in a few years, but creating a basketball video bold is affectionate of absurd and 2k babyish the association a while back.

Look at Madden, the bold is awful. Fifa is air-conditioned fun, but it's aswell affectionate of anticipated in that the aforementioned moves aftereffect in the aforementioned bureau to annual always.

NHL had a blemish in 2008 and the bold has had babyish improvements year afterwards year(haven't played in a while though).

Football and Basketball are calmly the hardest video amateur to charm a sim adaptation of, the acumen there is abandoned one bold is because 2k fabricated a bold that was so far above to EA's that they agape all competitors out of the market.

This year they showed their acquisitiveness in that cartel added than anytime afore with the microtransactions, which could attainable the aperture for competitors.

However it apparently will not because recreating the on cloister artefact that 2k created a bulk of years aback and tweaked year afterwards year will be abnormally difficult for any adversary to bolt up to buy NBA 2K18 MT.

Kind of like the electric car for 80 years, the approaching was the electric car in 1910. Afresh Ford came about able the assembly of the ICE and electric technology went abroad for about a century, now the electric car is aggravating to accomplish up for 80-90 years of tweaking.


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