The brawl aegis in 2K is an complete joke

The brawl aegis in 2K is an complete joke. Idk what they've done with these updates but this bold was so abundant bigger at launch. Every added fucking ascendancy someone's dribbling it off NBA 2K18 MT anyone abroad shits annoying as hell.

I see what you're saying. Aswell irritates me that a abundant brawl abettor for me will lose the brawl just from accepting awash by one guy but a shitty brawl abettor for the added aggregation has the brawl I bifold him and I'm all over the brawl and somehow he passes out of it/prevents the turnover.

What gets me added is if I accept big coins laimbeer in the acrylic and a bouncer drives in and about goes beeline through him for the bucket.

Just because you accept a top dribbling appraisement doesnt beggarly you should become hot booze and do cheeze moves. This isnt 2k17. The authentic purpose for playmaking is to creates PLAYS.

So yes, I cartel you to distill about me and all I accept to do is force my physique adjoin the duke you are dribbling the brawl with and ...pop! Accept your arc wisely! Too abounding bodies are selecting playmaking just for cheeze moves, just canyon the ball.

I aint talking about My career im talking about in accepted with the game. Kyrie should be able to drive into the acrylic afterwards axis it over every added time bits gets annoying absolute quick.

And its not me cheesing distill moves not tryna complete like a ablution but i accept basketball appealing able-bodied and the way these turnovers appear rarely anytime appear in absolute life.

Stop over dribbling and/or don't force drives to the basket. If you see attrition you may ambition to displace your drive or canyon it out.

Exactly, I activate it sometimes still too arcade with some playmakers dribbling like crazy in the affliction in pro am , with 2 or 3 players about , affecting physically anybody but the brawl is still stick in his hand.

The a lot of case breadth bodies lose the brawl is just because they run. Like everytime. I don't apperceive why but for every accession on the court, cut, affected cut etc even for passing, they go in the direction, sometimes even on the way or abutting to the receiver, because they can't just stop running.

Like there's no time, so 3/4 of the time, they lose the brawl if anyone see them, because they are addled chicken.

I accept a two way playmaker of 2K18 MT and I rarely lose the ball. Guys just try too hard. They wanna distill spam and get mad if they get stripped. I adulation ripping those idiots or endlessly them from scoring.


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