The cut scenes were unskippable

When NBA2K17 came out, the cut scenes were unskippable. The association got complete agitated and 2K accepted it was a mistake. A few months afterwards release, there was a application that accustomed us to skip cutscenes.

OK...If you anticipate that's a stretch, why did they accomplish them unskippable again? It's not like they were blind of how the association felt. It's not like they didn't already accept how it was a bad affair to do.

But they aswell accept abstracts on how unskippable cutscenes accomplish humans buy added VC...And so if 2K18 comes around, aback go in the unskippable cutscenes.

And I in actuality expect, already humans accept spent VC to buy up their characters, we'll get accession application from 'nice guy' 2K authoritative them skippable again.

The acumen we apperceive it's to advertise VC is because there is in fact no added acumen they'd do it to us again. 'Stretch' indeed... If you candidly anticipate it's a stretch, you're a complete believing person.

The application fabricated it so you could skip scenes afterwards you had apparent them. You still had to watch them with a appearance once.

The acumen that we apperceive it isn't to advertise VC is because you can access VC in added modes, modes that don't accept cut scenes.

You adeptness accept a point IF you could now skip scenes afterwards you'd apparent them. But you can't. So your point is rendered abortive by your own evidence.

Not really, afterwards watcging the cutscenes I already had like 1 hour 20mins breach logged on Steam, alone leaves you with 40mins to adjudge to get a refound.

I'm not abiding it's the 2K dev's fault. This adeptness just be Take-Two's top administration adage "make us added money or we don't accord you money", in the aforementioned way that they apparently did for the GTA devs cogent them to add Shark Cards and alone focus on DLC that drives in-game NBA 2K18 MT Coins purchases.

Along with the hairstyle thing, it's 750 VC to abolish a tattoo. You can't adapt them at all already you put them on and it's harder to even see if applying aback you can't circle your appearance in the shop.

Guess it's astute aback it costs money to abolish tattoos you'll affliction like in complete activity too.


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