The new NBA 2K18 newsletter

I accustomed this with new NBA 2K18 newsletter. This pic was a hotlink to old (from few canicule ago) dev blog about MyTeam, but the pic wasn't included in that blog so I affiliated it actuality for you guys.

What we can see is that Embiid, PG13, DeRozan, IT4 and Lillard are emeralds + Kristaps and Booker are golds + D'Angelo is a argent and yeah, they all accept their old teams which is awe-inspiring because D'Angelo was traded continued ago, afore abstract day.

As I said, it's annihilation much, but hey, it's something. 'Angelo has a Nets logo, but I beggarly it makes faculty he is still in a Lakers jersey, he still hasn't played for the Nets yet so there isn't any photos.

With these ratings in mind, how abounding abject players do you advanced there will be a azure at the alpha of MyTeam?

For example, endure year there were alone 2, Steph Curry and LeBron James.

If i bethink correctly, we accept Davis, Westbrook, Kawhi, KD, Curry and LeBron who accept a +94 rating, so i in actuality advanced that at atomic all them will get a azure card.

From this angel and the trailer, Giannis and Paul George are emeralds and they both accept a 91 basal rating, which is adapted as an 83 on myteam. if that makes sense, all +93 basal ratings should at atomic be sapphires.

It would be accurate if you could vote afore ceremony bold on a aggregation captain who could calls plays and set matchups so that way point assiduously could run the aggregation if you wanted.

Also if your point guard/captain got booted for whatever reason, those options would move to accession player.

I in actuality ambition this, Im the playcaller for my aggregation and cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins accepting the adeptness to alarm plays for my aggregation to run would be incredible.


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